What if you could turn Abandoning Visitors into Customers?

With our next level “Exit Intent” and “BounceStop” technologies,
BounceFight is designed to increase your conversions and SEO ranking.

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Bounce Fight

Here’s how we help you Win the Fight

See how we help turn your abandoning visitors into paying customers:

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Stop Exiting Visitors with
Targeted Offers

When a visitor lands on your website, BounceFight will start tracking his movements with our behavior algorithm and BounceStop technology. By detecting the exact millisecond they decide to leave, we break their path to exit with targeted offers.

What you get: extra real-estate to show a new offer / capture an extra lead, reduced bounce rate, reduced bounce-back rate.

From Exit to Cart with
optimized Pop-ups

Use conversion optimized templates to deliver a unique and efficient experience. Our designs have been tested to target behavioural patterns common in most online visitors. It’s time to re-engage exiting users, to encourage procrastinators and to give your sales team a boost!

What you get: targeted designs, optimized messages, customizable templates.

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Afraid they’ll just click “Back”?
We have a solution!

BounceFight is the only conversion tool to stop visitors that click Back from going straight to whatever search engine or site they came from. With our BounceStop engine, we can show these visitors another offer or page on your website. All SEO-friendly.Just imagine the possibilities!

What you get: reduced bounce rate, reduced bounce-back rate, new opportunity to make a sale or capture a lead.

Ready to increase your revenue?

By using Bounce Fight with all its features, we offer a money-back guarantee that you’ll see an increase in conversions, lead generation and SEO performance*.

*subject to market conditions.


Exit Intent Technology

“Exit intent” technology allows us to determine the moment a visitor attempts to leave your page and trigger an instant message.


BounceStop Technology

Afraid your users will just click “Back”? This is the only tool with a real solution. With our seo-friendly engine, we can show these visitors another offer on your website.


Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Our intuitive dashboard is designed to help you easily keep track of all active campaigns and their results. We even have native support for conversion tracking.


Multiple Trigger Options

Choose between various types of pop-up triggers, including Exit Intent, Time-based or Scroll based. Plus, you get the option to trigger an offer on the click of the “Back button”.


Conversion Optimized Templates

Our designs are tested and behaviour optimized to increase engagement or conversions. You can easily edit and customize any pop-up design.


Safe & Secure

We use advanced and certified server platforms to keep your data safe and secure. Also, our code is asynchronous so no impact on your site’s performance should be seen.

You may think such a tool is annoying. But consider these stats:

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BounceFight is ideal for:

  • Digital Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Content & Social Marketers
  • Agencies & Consultants
  • Small Business Owners
  • Ecommerce Platforms

A few examples of how BounceFight can help you

  • Build Your Email List
  • Recover Lost Carts
  • Promote Your Best Deals
  • Redirect Traffic
  • Engage visitors that leave through the Back button
  • Target visitors before they exit the page
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment with reminders
  • Get more emails with optimized forms
  • Increase your Social shares
  • Redirect leaving visitors
  • Gather extra leads
  • Promote a temporary offer
  • Show optimized pop-ups to mobile users
  • See how many of your visits are AdBlock users
  • Make targeted offers with no coding skills
  • Use predefined pop-up templates to launch immediately
  • Reduce your Bounce Rate by engaging more visitors
  • Reduce your Bounce-Back Rate by redirecting exits
  • Increase your SEO ranking
  • Increase your conversions with targeted offers
  • On-Site Retargeting
  • Gather Feedback from leaving users
  • Show a different offer to leaving visitors
  • Increase ROI by recovering paid traffic
  • Target only a specific group of users
  • Show offers after a certain amount of time
  • Target AdBlock users with a specific message